A truth seeker, deep thinker and a dreamer! A writer, visionary, poet and a singer. A questioner, a lover, and a friend. I’ve lagged a little behind in the race for my degree but I plan to make up for lost time as we speak. It’s time to take the world by storm in the pursuit of knowledge and seeking the best strategies to promote moral progress and the alleviation of suffering! The best time to make a difference is right now.

I originally grew up in Wisconsin. I’m a small town guy with a desire to influence as many people as possible toward positive change. I used to think that could only happen through religion, but as I have risen from the ashes of my former faith I am now seeing many new and far more effective ways to fulfill my basic aspirations.



5 thoughts on “Who Am I?

    1. Thank you, Marie! I am rather familiar with Ravi Zachariahs, very charming fellow! I was deeply appreciative of his perspective for a long time. I’ve obviously felt the need to redirect based upon the knowledge that I both possess and lack in life. It’d be nice to learn more about your own perspective, feel free to chime in and offer your thoughts whenever you’d like! Take care!

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