How to describe myself? Well, I’m really fascinated and deeply concerned all at once with how I think, as well as with how others think. My life project for the last year and a half has been essentially to clean house and become the intellectual I’ve always hungered to be.

All of this directly results from a necessary knowledge crisis that took me out of conservative Christianity and directly into a strategic mode of Atheism. This is primarily how I view a lack of belief in a God or gods. It is a strategic form of doubt that I believe best reflects my plight as a human being.

To sum up my life’s philosophy for you it is as follows:

I won’t dare to promise someone more than I can know, that would be dishonest. Nor will I offer someone less than what I know, that would be irresponsible!

Life is a struggle and though reality is often absurd, life and existence is still deeply valuable. Here’s what I want to give to you, my friends and readers.

You will see my transparency as a human being that passionately desires to reflect the truth. I’m not playing games with my search, life is too short for that. I see it as a noble pursuit to question authority, acknowledge uncertainty, and to highly prize what I like to call, pure knowledge.

This is what I intend to cash in with as I draw my last breath.

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