I find this to be an intensely interesting inquiry into trying to understand the essence of one’s confidence as it relates to miracle claims, claims that someone is/was divine, or even that a Holy Spirit is thought to somehow reside within a person. How is it that one gains and remains in a state of assurance, trust, or certitude about the assumed reliability of the claims I mentioned above? 

Let’s just narrow in on the claim that a Holy Spirit resides within a person. How is it that a Christian gains certitude about the reliability of this claim? Could it be just as likely that a Holy Spirit does not reside within you? How would one attempt to discern the difference? How does one evaluate and conclude that such a claim is trustworthy?

2 thoughts on “Are You Sure About Your Christian Beliefs?

  1. You’re going to have to difine precisely what you mean by “Holy Spirit” as it is perceived in many different ways from being a literal living being to a metaphor for a way of feeling/being/living. For me it’s that latter.

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    1. Yes, I suppose that the people I am most alluding to would be those who stress a literal indwelling of God’s Spirit within them. Those who would stress that God is personal and that He somehow provides assurance to them that He is both real and present in their lives.


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