10 thoughts on “Does It Really Matter Who You Pray To?

  1. The success of any venture will be helped by prayer, even in the wrong denomination. – Murphy’s Law
    Probably helps true for religions as well; as long as people think that they’re getting divine help, they’re going to be more positive about the outcome.


  2. Cool, I have two questions for you Jamie. 1) How does prayer aid one’s success in any venture and, 2) Do people need to think that they’re getting divine help in order to feel more positive? Is this a legitimate need or just a desire? Can that desire change? Thanks!


  3. It often seems to stem from a belief that a God is personal and is somehow involved in human affairs. The thought that when one petitions this God that he responds in some way, shape, or form. I personally was a person that believed and actively prayed to the Christian God for ten years and I can honestly say that though I was hungry to find answers, I really cannot recall even one instance where anything that I prayed about had been clearly answered or made plain to me. I came to the conclusion that whether I prayed or didn’t pray, my life would have been influenced by the same factors regardless.


  4. Also, I tried to discern evidence for the effectiveness of prayer in the lives of my Christian friends and it was just as unclear to me as to whether some kind of personal God was hearing or responding to these petitions in any way. The surrounding events both in my life and the lives of others appeared to me as if they would have occurred or happened regardless if someone prayed about it. So, that’s why I asked the question above. It at least appears to someone like me that it would really make no difference which God to pray to. I personally think that all petitions to any of these deities would be equally ineffective.

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    1. I could see if someone forgoes medical treatment and instead just attempts to use prayer alone but praying for someone else? Not so sure about that.

      I can see people using prayer as inspiration to attain a goal but I don’t think there is much difference if one uses prayer or use their mind. It’s the power of positive thinking (prayer).

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