No Ideas Are Too Sacred

I would like to think that this is the time. The time for what? The time in history to lay everything out on the table for the sake of what is true. My friends, if we are a generation that loves the truth, then this is the time to announce that no ideas, and I really do mean that no ideas are too sacred to be questioned.

I love my Christian friends, and I care about anyone from any faith background. My love for these people, however, is not going to censor the need to criticize and evaluate their faith-based beliefs. I use the word criticize and unfortunately some of my believing friends interpret this as a relentless attack. If I were attacking my religious friends then I would seek to silence them and legislate against their freedom to practice their faith. I am not at all that kind of person though.

I have no interest in silencing people who have differing beliefs from my own. I want everyone to freely and openly express what they think and believe. At the same time, I would love for there to be more openness to exposing our beliefs to scrutiny. It isn’t an easy thing. No one enjoys considering that they may be wrong. My hope is that we can get their culturally.

In areas like Science and Philosophy it is an honorable thing to constantly question and evaluate one’s position. People make it a point to submit their ideas to critical analysis from their peers. Perhaps someday this can be valued more among our religious friends? After all, what fear is there in attempting to get closer to the truth? There shouldn’t be any fear there, my friends, it really shouldn’t be like that.

I could be wrong, perhaps there is a true religion out there? If this is the case then it will involve the exchange of knowledge. I am open to any kind of knowledge that someone may have pertaining to the existence of a God. Where the going gets tough is in the attempt to settle whether some claims truly do exhibit sufficient knowledge and data in favor of God?

This is the most difficult point of contention but I contend that that friction needs to keep happening. We need to keep this collision of ideas going in order to settle reliable ways to get at the truth. I am most encouraged when both the Theist and the Atheist is willing to stand in the line of fire and have that collision of ideas. It shows me that there is an interest on both sides to come under scrutiny.

I have far more respect for those people because they aren’t hiding from the difficult questions. I have a bias about what side has the more intellectually honest viewpoint, but at least I’m up front about it, right? I’m not hiding anything away, let’s hash this out. The truth won’t arise by not putting our ideas up to the light of criticism and skeptical inquiry. I love seeing it both ways. I will say that some Theists can ask some pretty challenging questions for a skeptic like me to chew on. I like that, I want that. What about you?

Yes, I’m talking to anyone who self identifies as a truth seeker. Carry on my friends, life is short and the ideas are vast. Hopefully we can have a little fun in the process.