We all make mistakes. When it comes to our beliefs, what makes it especially difficult to change them is our sense of deep kinship with family, friends, and our greater communities. Like it or not, there are often consequences attached to our beliefs.

These consequences stem from a long history of social interactions, and yes, social conditioning. There are many communities and families where it is simply socially unacceptable to be skeptical about religion! This is the truth. I am speaking on behalf of millions of people right now.

A truth seeker has a choice. We can suppress our doubts and search for the truth in secret. I happen to think that there are a vast number of religious people all over the world that feel and live this way. Thank you Internet for becoming so widely accessible!

Another option is that we can be honest about our questions and doubts with everyone we know. This has highly varied outcomes and consequences. It can range on the world spectrum of being put to death for blasphemy all way to a softer form of social rejection from our closest friends and family. Thankfully, I live in a country that highly values diversity of thought and even many of my friends and family have been accepting of my decision to no longer believe in the Christian faith.

It’s been a mixture of responses toward me personally. It has helped me learn who my closest and truest friends really are. Thankfully, many of them are still Christians. Yes, with as much as I question and criticize Christianity I still have Christian friends, and I still love them to death!

It’s a complicated line to walk sometimes but in the end I hope that everyone who knows me understands that I am deeply interested in finding out the things that are true. If we think about our search for true things as being like a dude with a huge machete trying to chop through the brush, that’s me. I have my machete in hand and I’m attempting to work through many of life’s deepest questions.

Sometimes we realize that we’ve chopped our way to a dead end, well, the attitude of one navigating through the thick jungle and the attitude of a truth seeker is just the same. If we need to turn around and find another pathway, then dammit, that’s what has to be done! In the arena of our beliefs and our doubts it could well turn into a rather interesting progression over a lifetime.

I cannot guarantee that I will always be an Atheist, though, I also cannot equally guarantee that I will someday come back into a belief in God. The future for me and many of my fellow truth seekers is simply undetermined. This also makes the pursuit just a little more savory and exciting!

Did you want to know the third option? The third option is to basically not care about what is true. It is a passive, lazy, and rather pathetic path to take. I don’t have much respect for the guy who throws in the towel. Not when it comes to treasuring and valuing what is true.

I would point such a person to Science! Be it Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, and learning from the vast conversation about Religion all throughout the world. It’s worth our time, our energy, and our very lives!




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