Who are you as you sit there reading these words? If you’re like me, you’re probably asking yourself who you are almost every minute of every day! It is truly an all consuming question for me, and what I recognize is that it has a lot to do with our own psychology as an individual.

Other folks are far less introspective and they would rather be focused on a task of some kind. You’ve got your doers and you’ve got your dreamers. I am an all out dreamer. My imagination is my best and worst friend.

To describe for you the essence of who I am, I have a self-placed calling or duty to leave a legacy behind. I will have wasted my life if I have not at least tried to apply all of my energy toward thinking about life’s deepest questions. I have a burning desire to evaluate the things that are true.

My service to what I perceive to be the truth is to be as honest and raw as possible about it. Right now this involves questioning religion skeptically but rest assured my goal is to arrive at the truth. Whatever I can take to the bank and cash in on is what I want to pass on to my fellow truth seekers.

We deserve well thought out answers. We deserve the truth if it is the last thing we do! I mean, this is at the heart of seeking justice and dispelling myths. This is at the heart of highly valuing honesty. The expense is that taking positions about religion, philosophy, and science can cost friendships. As unfortunate as this may sound, people are terribly torn and divided with regard to what the truth even is in many respects.

Another necessary task that I must pursue in life is the path of compassion. I yearn to lead others in creating a movement of compassion and empathy throughout the world. I don’t care what your creed is, what your race is, what your personal IQ is, my concern is about leaving this world better than how I found it.

I am angry at the exploitation of women and children. I am angry at racism and radical forms of religion and philosophy that promote violence and terror. I think that at the heart of crime and chaos is a terrible dysfunction within how many people understand and have a capacity for empathy. To not have an inclination to treat others with empathy is to essentially be within a spectrum of people that are truly insane in some form or another.

Now, it may be controversial to say that some people are just inclined toward violence and insanity, but a principle of accountability still applies regardless of whether people are just badly wired. There’s enough of us that know the value of not acting on every inclination that arises to essentially create an atmosphere of safety for the majority.

With all of that being said, I would probably be the guy willing to risk my life to reform the mind of a mass murderer. It would certainly be a very complicated relationship, but I would befriend an enemy and strive to leave a legacy even in that scenario. I wouldn’t in any way justify the heinous acts of such a man or woman, but I would perhaps in the rarest type of situation be willing to sacrifice my own life through demonstrating the value of nonviolence and compassion. It would be a statement.

So, again I ask, who are you as you sit there and read these words? To daily spend time thinking about that, is in my opinion, extremely valuable! As a natural outcome you’ll just know what to say and do in many kinds of situations by endeavoring to be thoughtful and well prepared.

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