There is still very much a stigma about Atheism within America. It stems from not being well understood because when we think about the nature of belief, in the mind of a devoted Christian or Muslim, there is really nothing more noble than the endeavor of honoring and serving God.

To detach oneself from a devotional mindset is nearly impossible, it seems, among those who desire to passionately pass on the torch of their religious heritage. This is nothing I condemn anyone for, though I suppose the only thing I would implore a believer to do is to understand that a mindset of belief can and in fact does change or even fade away within the minds of many people.

There’s a whole psychology behind this. I am now at a point within my journey where I must acknowledge that there are some ideas, when presented without clear evidence, that I just cannot give the green light to. It begins to contradict how I understand the process of gathering the strongest and very best pieces of information with regard to a claim.

How closely related is belief to one’s own temperament and psychology? I’m gonna venture to say that these things are quite related, and yes, perhaps quite beyond what we can choose at a certain juncture. So, if you are one who believes in God with great confidence, ask your God why not everyone is able to maintain a psychology that is favorable to belief? It would seem that these factors are beyond one’s own control or ability to choose. This is the honest side of unbelief and a skeptical mindset that not many people are talking about. Peace out!

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