When we think about our beliefs we are also by default dealing with our own personal sets of expectations. When we think about what we do not believe we are also expressing where there is a lack of expectation. This lack of expectation, especially when it relates to our knowledge, is one that grows and matures over time.

Belief and expectation do not always align very well and the same can be said about a mentality that lacks belief. It can be especially grueling to depart from a previous system of beliefs. Especially when our personal expectations have been left dissatisfied and perhaps even offended in a very clear sense.

To come to the conclusion that we were wrong about something that seemed so rewarding and so right, well, it’s a natural let down. It calls for a period of adjustment and personal growth. This is what my blog has been picking up from. For my departure from faith was admittedly quite emotionally and mentally taxing.

It is the outcome of that process, however, that I am quite happy to announce was worth the struggle. This is true even if I ultimately find myself having restored belief in God in the undetermined future. As a thinking and reasoning person there is nothing more liberating than taking charge of our logic and resolving to be convinced by the best evidences and skeptical toward poor systems of discernment.

This of course does not absolve me or anyone of the challenge to deeply evaluate my choices and what the ensuing consequences may be in terms of the knowledge that I can gain in life. I don’t think I’m capable of ever leaving the conversation about religion alone because it will either bring me to be a stronger and more well rounded skeptic due to my present concerns, or I will find myself at another place to graduate into if I acquire good intel about the reliability of a set of religious claims.

To sum this all up for my friends and readers, think for yourselves, embrace the struggle, and love the truth no matter how much or how little of it can actually be acquired within this life!

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