Take a moment to ponder something with me. We are all born into this existence without a template for why it is that we are even here. Religion, by nature, wants to provide that template, it goes out of its way to establish authority through other loyal humans that believe that they are carrying the torch of God.

Humans all over the world are carrying contradictory messages about this light. About God. About this grand narrative for why there is something rather than nothing at all.

If said God exists, He is lighting this torch for a very select few people, having not a whim of concern for the rest, or it is the people themselves that create this light. They create this narrative. They create this authority because we are otherwise left utterly and completely in the dark.

I think it is easier and less torcherous for people to claim some kind of unvalidated certainty via a chain of religious authority than it is to admit raw uncertainty. You know, the kind that gnaws at us when our set of expectations are unwarranted, unsatisfied, or both.

Which path reflects a higher honesty about the human predicament? That is for all of us to decide.

3 thoughts on “Gnawing Uncertainty

  1. I think, without any evidence, that humans have this genetic desire for meaning. That desire for a reason is probably what let us climb out of the trees and into civilization.

    But I also think that is why humans are constantly we attributing things to a God. We want there to be a reason for our lives, for our tragedies, for our goals, for our actions generally. Its nearly impossible to accept that the entire thing is meaningless from the larger universe’s standpoint.

    But I find it rather comforting to know that since everyone is making up the meaning, any meaning will do. And I can make up any meaning I choose. I can assign significance or not. Its entirely up to me. And the fact that I’m aware that I’m doing it is the only difference between me and someone who attributes meaning in life to god.

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    1. I agree, and Michael Shermer decribes our pattern seeking tendencies as well. We see patterns where there aren’t necessarily patterns. Wired for belief because at one time in our evolutionary past it was either life or death not to try to identify what might be rustling around at night in the distance. Even if that flight response wasn’t always warranted.

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    2. Now we have a whole host of angels, demons, and gods that are said be behind the things we don’t know. That battle for survival had perhaps translated into a spiritual warfare deep within the human psyche. It’s interesting to ponder for sure!

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