For anyone that is even partly familiar with my writings it is no secret that I am a skeptical person. Call it a gift or call it a curse, but I must say that the nature of my own doubt is doing me a world of good! Along with every virtue comes great sacrifice in my view.

To be skeptical with the intent of narrowing down the things in life that are true, to me, is one of the most honorable tasks a person can take on in life. It is the resolve to serve the truth, wherever, and I really do mean wherever it may lead.

It may involve breaking ties with the minds of some of our closest friends so as to demonstrate the importance of standing alone for the questions and doubts that are worthy of exploring. It may involve humbling ourselves before the alter of what we do not know and being willing to leave a previous system of beliefs behind as a way of suspending judgement and siding with new evidence or acknowledging the lack of critical evidences that should exist for the most weighty kinds of claims.

I view skepticism as a way of purging poor thinking. It seeks to play no favorites and the intent is not radical unbelief, rather, the intent is to promote clarity and truly reliable methods of critical thinking and evidence. To the surprise of some who don’t find value in being labeled as a skeptic, skepticism itself, properly executed, is the most open and honest investigation there is.

That is again just my personal opinion but it makes the most sense to me given my own human standpoint. It makes sense to not play favorites with extraordinary claims until they are satisfied with truly extraordinary evidences.

My life has a lot more to model in this regard. Stay tuned as I daily seek to be refined and challenged with life’s most important questions.


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