Why is there something rather than nothing? Well, the short answer is that we simply don’t know. Was DNA either intelligently designed or slowly jumbled together via natural processes over the millennia?

Evidence seems to suggest that if there is intentionality, design, or purpose behind these things then it is certainly an almost unintelligible, gradual, and dare I say, extremely fragile process that often looks like a failed experiment. Life is a myriad of failed possibilities and experiments with only a small host of living things that exist at the peak of an ever changing evolutionary process.

What do I mean by failed possibilities? Only that life itself has already branched out into varying species and forms that quite simply didn’t make the cut. Our species, the human species, may just as well be a form of life that will die out completely only for another species to rise and have its own glory for a small time.

So where is it in this process that we discern the plan of God? How is it that something that seems so painstakingly unguided has anything to say about whether this is a universe with intelligible purpose behind it? I suppose it is still at least possible that a God would intentionally make a universe that scraps far more of its material than it likes to keep around, but how is it that one gains a meaningful syllable of special creation from this? I’m just not sure, it baffles me quite a lot, personally.

This universe has been anything but precise and intentional. Perhaps life itself has been amazingly resilient, I’ll give it that. What I mean is that once this universe gave rise to life, life has shown itself to live up to that ever famous quote from Jurassic Park. Do you know which one I’m talking about? Fine, I’ll tell you.


That’s right my friends! Life, uh, just finds a way, even if it means that millions upon millions of species that came before us had to die out just so that we could arise for a tiny window of time to both observe and write about these things. Life has struggled, morphed, and found pretty much every conceivable loophole to keep itself replicating to this day. The only thing is that even for all of that hard earned resilience, this universe has been intricately designed for complete annihilation.

I use that word “designed” very loosely. I mean, think about it, is there anything that displays better unintentionality than this universe? All we really know is both cosmic and life evolution! Matter as we know it is ever transforming and being dictated by raw fluctuations of natural law. Natural law is simply a set of conditions that science indicates may actually vary greatly depending on how we want to talk about the big bang or even a chain of separate big bangs that all occur under differing sets of conditions.

So if we want to get into intelligent design, why is it that there are so many varying possibilities for what could actually be considered natural law? It doesn’t sound so set in stone to me. It sounds quite flexible and if I must be the one to break it to the world, random. Are we just a random blurb of one particular set of natural laws and conditions that just so happen to dictate how this, and only this universe works? Could an eventual heat death be at least a small hint that this universe is not perfectly, intelligently designed?

It is an interesting kind of purpose that creates conditions for one supernova to occur virtually every second. Oops, there goes another galaxy. For unguided evolution and climate change to essentially scrap well over ninety-nine percent of all species that came before us with no indication that humans are any more special within this paradigm. Is this really an ideal world to survive in? Gosh, with mass populations of people suffering at the hands of harsh drought, lack of food, bad weather, relentless disease and sickness, it tends to raise a bit of a red flag for me.

If this universe is designed, my humble opinion is that it was not designed with us in mind.

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