Picture this. The way you think, perceive, and believe is a lot more manufactured than you’d probably like to imagine. This is true for you as well as for me. Whether we like it or not, we are the products of our own environments. I don’t have to be an Anthropologist to make that judgement.

If you are beginning your search for the truth with the impression that you are a part of some kind of cosmic warfare that favors the destruction of your soul, do you think that may breed just a hint of a prejudice in your mind about how to assess the facts? You see, this is why I am going to challenge my Christian friends to deeply question whether their perspective is in line with reality.

As an Atheist this is actually what I strive to do daily. I don’t tell myself dogmatically that I must always conclude that there is no God. As I attempt to run the problem through my mind I have been concluding this for the last year and seven months. It does not negate, however, that my perception of reality could evolve differently as time presses on.

Rather than marrying myself to a religion or a particular ideology, I instead would like to find a principled approach that finds joy within the investigation. I am quite humbled by how little I know, or even how little anybody seems to really know within life.

At certain points our lack of knowledge becomes a crisis, especially if our expectations are in need of some fine-tuning. At other points it incites a sense of awe as we consider the elegance and vastness of our universe. One thing is for sure though, to recognize what we lack is a great motivator to press forward and make mind blowing discoveries within the actual world.

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