Dear Universe,

As far as I can discern within this life, a universe does not consist of unembodied minds, however, there do appear to be many physical bodies which consist of physical brains, that serve to create the concept of a mind. It is for the benefit of such persons that I recite this prayer. It is because such persons are in fact what I can understand to be the conscious components of my universe.

My prayer can be said to extend to all persons who have minds, to anyone that can conceivably make sense of the words on this page. If this does involve an existing Deity, I would simply need to see how an unembodied mind could in some way fit into the paradigm of my existence. It is one thing to state that gods exist, uncaused, and quite another to reliably narrow down the question and confidently say, “an uncaused God can be understood to exist within my universe.”

If no such criteria can be found to hold true within my life then I will assume that it is justified to consider that one or many gods very likely do not exist. In a universe that this can be logically deduced in, given how we can understand truth from falsehood, and reliability from unreliability, I have found my home with a minority of humans that wish to demonstrate that the question of God is open ended for a reason, and it is most probably no longer the right way to understand our origins. Such incoherence lends itself to being a peculiar fabrication within the world.

I would perhaps not be as skeptical if religion could show itself to be a little less the slave of the human imagination and a little more as a force that could serve to actually resolve the issues that we face in the world today. Instead, what truly becomes an instigator for change is a resolve to understand our lives objectively and honestly. This perhaps most rigorously extends into the scientific endeavor. Though it would be fallacious to say that science can somehow disprove a negative, it is actually where knowledge is not found that seems to most strongly highlight the need for Theism to first meet its burden of proof before ever being seriously considered as reality.

With all of that in mind, this prayer most likely will be heard not by the unconscious components of a universe that expands outward from a singularity, but rather from some conscious brains that have formed as a result of cosmic evolution. These conscious minds are not all necessarily the product of earth. Planet earth very well may be one of a high number of other planets within this universe that has generated life from nonlife.

So it is that in terms of probability the most God like thing to be imagined may be a civilization other than our own that has graduated itself away from dependence on planetary climates and resources. It is my hope that our civilization is on its way to achieving this state of being because it would truly redefine what it means to be human in every conceivable way.

Sincerely, the product of stardust and the rich aftermath that it took to nourish the fragility of the chain of life that has led to me. Something I strive not to take lightly. Amen.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer To The Universe

  1. Okay.
    God’s signature in you cells.
    Information with order, like our scientific community hopes to find coming from the cosmos above, only it is in you, the cosmos within.

    No scientific model exists in natural selection that shows the addition of information, let alone one that would equate to 3.2 billion bits of genetic information code in every strand of human DNA. You mentioned the burden of proof. You are that proof, inside every cell in your body.

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    1. To that I respond, how important is it for us to really know what we are talking about in this regard? Even for you who would openly identify with what is called the teachings of Jesus. Is it important to have some surefire way to identify who God is in the world today? If the answer is to surrender our ability to reason and commit to belief in God because of the complexity of DNA, in terms of probability, my warning to such thinking is to prepare to be flat out wrong! It is a poor and unimpressive argument to call ourselves evidence for some kind of God when we have no reliable means to make such a judgement. If a God exists, then my contention is that such a being is not common to our knowledge. Such a being is not readily available to be identified in the world. My conclusion is that this has everything to do with why Atheism is gaining ground in the world. Even a person that claims to have had supernatural encounters with a divine being should be willing to examine such experiences and be honest about what really should be concluded from phenomena that cannot be understood. Why should such a person even in that instance have any measure of confidence that they have identified God within the world? What is most probable given our position in the universe? Given our limitedness to discern what is true about anything that is defined as invisible and immaterial?


  2. In the Bible, the book of Genesis gives the account of our origin and the origin of the information born our of God’s divine being. According to Genesis, everything that God created, He spoke into existence. And at the core of everything living is information with order. Two dimensional information that yields 3 dimensional results. I challenge you to consider that only the bias of an intelligent creature’s heart could compromise the integrity of the same creature’s mind for that not to make perfect sense.


  3. The creation account that you have just cited from the book of Genesis is just one of a plethora of other creation accounts that have been passed down via religious tradition. Now, consider your own standpoint within the world. Consider that had you been born a conservative Muslim that understands the Quran to be the perfect words of Allah, you would be submitting that viewpoint to me as we speak. You would view that as the most perfect expression for why there is information and order within creation.

    The explanation that you are submitting to me for consideration exists within a category of perhaps hundreds or even thousands of other known religious narratives that attempt to explain the origins of our universe. If just one of these accounts is right then what criteria are you able to cite outside of the Bible that is able to pinpoint with reasonable certainty that this is the most plausible and reliable way to understand our origins? My contention here is that no person has any way to be tipped off in this regard, at least not intelligibly.

    If one’s answer is that the Spirit of God bears witness to their own human spirit that such an account is true, would you view this as being an acceptable explanation from any other religion outside of your own? If not, then there is in fact room to question your own subjective experiences, that is if you are in any way attracted to that form of argumentation? I don’t know if you are. Perhaps you have some other Theistic explanation that strives to approach these matters more objectively?


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