Miracles are a little bit like popcorn. They are said to pop off and then get eaten up (or seen) by a select few people.

Well, think about it like this, what if popcorn is on the verge of complete extinction? There is only one small snack pack left before popcorn goes out of existence, never to be eaten or seen again! For all future generations popcorn is unable to be duplicated. We must only rely on the sad story that what once was is now forever lost.

In the case of something material that goes extinct there is at least a higher probability that we can prove its past existence and legitimacy by finding fossilized remnants of it. In example: popcorn shell casings found in fossilized dung.

In the case of purported miracles we are being asked to rely primarily on the assumed integrity of past or present human testimony. We are being asked to rely completely on the alleged experiences of a select few people in history. Disregarding the likelihood that people can be sincerely deceived or mistaken, we are then told that some of these past miracle events carry with them the weight of our eternal destinies.

Tip your hat to Jesus and you will live, tip your hat to the overwhelming regularity of what is observed in the natural world, in example: Truly dead bodies stay truly dead, and you are forever lost? Is anyone else sensing just a bit of a discrepancy here? Is it actually a hardness of heart that leads people away from faith or is it instead the project of simply striving to remain principled and intelligent about what is most likely in this instance?

If honesty is at the root of one’s skepticism toward faith based claims then which side of this argument is most probably making a bad judgement call here? Perhaps a skeptic in this case is actually protecting the potential integrity of a yet unknown God by not ascribing that kind of judgement call to someone that is supposed to be considered all knowing and perfectly wise.

If a God truly wants to be known, loved, and worshipped then what are the chances we would be splitting hairs about these matters right now? Food, or shall I say, popcorn for thought!

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