When it comes to promoting the highest good in the world is there ever too much of a compassion complex? Is it ever a deal breaker to go out of our way to help others? Is it wrong to bring peace where there would otherwise be war?

There are some things that definitely need a cap such as ignorance about the world and other cultures. Why? Well, it feeds distrust. How about hatred that stems from conflicts that never should have arisen in the first place? Conflicts over religion, lands, and a thirst for power. Let me just make something clear, IT HAS GOT TO GO!

It all starts with an inward resolve to no longer be a part of the problem. Yes, sometimes we do need to breath and not let our fight or flight response win over our ability to reason and recognize the bigger picture. Yes, sometimes we would do quite well to turn the other cheek.

Tolerance needs to be rightly executed in this modern age because what is no longer tolerable is irrational hatred and violence. Humanity is so much better than that! Why? Well, we’ve learned the hard way my friends! It is a rather inconvenient truth to realize that to be human is to recognize that we are both the problem and the solution. I’d rather embrace my better half any day of the week! What about you?

If I could sum it all up with just one word it would probably be: Empathy.

Yeah, I like the way that looks on paper. Empathy. Period!

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