An intelligent skeptic is not hung up on whether a God is considered good or not. We don’t reject belief in God on those grounds. It is an arbitrary question because one can believe in a God and find reasons to say, “I think God is good.” Another can believe in God and still perceive this being as evil.

A skeptical Atheist is first concerned about whether it is appropriate to think a God is even there in the first place? Is this a question that any human being can answer with adequate certainty? If so, what actually justifies this belief? It would seem that if anyone wants to speak with a measure of good authority then they must first point us to a reliable bridge wherein any objective seeker can say, “this is who God is, not simply within my culture but within this universe.” Pure knowledge leads to consensus.

If this cannot be done then we have hit the first snag within this knowledge crisis. It becomes everyone’s issue to solve if and only if we care about what is true in life!

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