Here is an intro to my Philosophy of Life:

Life is a struggle. This struggle enters our lives in varying degrees but it is constant. It is a factor that is continually shaping us and influencing our decisions.

Reality is absurd. In terms of fairness and evaluating signs of guidance from the heavens there appears to be only silent indifference. Please do not despair!

Existence is valuable. To whom you ask? To us! To anyone with a beating heart there is enough within the world to enjoy as long as we value one another and ourselves! I could not dare to offer you more than what you see! We are here, we exist, and it is valuable to actively seek understanding in light of struggle and absurdity.

Think about it this way, what if I were to offer you what I don’t know? What if I were to stretch beyond my sphere of objectivity so as to offer you comfort? Then what if you were to find out that I offered you something that I don’t know with any measure of certainty? Is that right? Is that respectable? I don’t think so, and I hope you don’t believe that either! I will give you what I know, I will love you with what I am, and I won’t stop searching for answers until I take my last breath! You deserve this, I deserve this and this is what makes life into something valuable.  

I’ll sum up my paragraph with this principle: I won’t dare to promise someone more than I can know, that would be dishonest! Nor will I offer someone less than what I know, that would be irresponsible! 

In light of these points I’ll soon introduce a fourfold approach to life. My own life philosophy if you will and hopefully some of my readers will find it refreshing! It will involve this list of character traits and kinds of questions that follow specifically within what I like to call a pursuit of pure knowledge. Enjoy!

Honesty: About knowledge. (Gnosis within Greek language). What do I know? What do others know?

Critical Thought: What is pure? What is objective? What is reliable? What is true?

Humility: What are my motivations? My desires? Where do I place myself within this vision or pursuit of pure knowledge?

Compassion: How do I value and treat other people? Do I operate from empathy or an ability to identify with others who struggle?

By the way I would probably critique this quote from Socrates to say that we know very little rather than nothing at all!

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