I wonder, I just wonder if the pervasiveness of suffering is what drives good people into stupidity and despair? This one objective fact is put on display day after day, year after year. Our very existence derives from interacting with harsh climates and warding off predators that evolved to feed upon flesh! I sometimes don’t blame people for turning away from reality itself.

2 thoughts on “Not To Depress You But….

  1. Possibly, but remember that a huge amount of great albums, movies, art, accomplishments etc have been created through loss and the more negative aspects of life. Sometimes despair gives us a great kickstart and surge in motivation.

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  2. I see your point my friend, and I think it’s important to gather these kinds of lessons from the “negative aspects of life,” as you put it. I don’t always mean to paint life with a darkened brush but neither do I ignore the reality of abject suffering and turmoil in the world. Sometimes we just need to pause, look at it, get mad at it, and then do our best to play a role in alleviating it in the world. šŸ™‚


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