It is far more absurd for me to presume that a God can simply exist uncaused because one is then saying that an immense amount of power and design that is said to reside in the very nature of that being came from nothing. No source! It is absurd to posit an untold amount of complexity that is somehow uncaused or self-existent. I find no pattern or basis for that within this universe.

I find it far more palatable to objectively deduce that this universe started from simplicity and gradually became more complex. There is some kind of pattern here that is not found within Theism. I think it is because Theism deviates from trying to attain the prize. Instead of continuing down this path that observes complexity reverting back to simplicity, a singularity if you will, suddenly an immensely knowledgeable, powerful, and internally designed God is posited to be responsible without out any need for verification and careful consideration of the facts.

The more careful and admittedly difficult position to take is one of uncertainty. Uncertainty is uncomfortable. We don’t like it! Especially in the face of impending death. However, uncertainty is a catalyst to not give up on objectivity. To always work at attaining the prize. The prize is reality itself! We want to speak from knowledge rather than ignorance. It is better to suspend judgement in the case of insufficient knowledge rather than positing what is not yet known.

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