Ladies and gentlemen rev up your calculators because Atheism is neither a set of affirmed beliefs and nor is it a worldview! Atheism is simply a category where many differing minds unite on the same question. We lack belief in a God or gods.

The avenues that many of us have gone down to ultimately acknowledge this lack of belief are rather varied as well. We live and speak as if there are no gods because this is what present reality impresses upon us. Some believers in God may feel threatened when they see their beliefs being put under intense scrutiny. The fact of the matter is, this is what everyone should be doing!

A critical thinking Theist is at least willing to admit that they could be wrong and that they are open to other conclusions. I think I know a few of these folks and though I may not agree on their conclusions, I respect their willingness to question authority.

I respect anyone that does not cower away in fear that they may be labeled a heretic or a deluded person just for thinking differently. Thinking differently is valuable as well as very costly. It’s not a very popular road to travel down because many other authoritative teachers and leaders view this as threatening. If a different trend of thinking catches on enough it could very well dethrone those who are in power.

I personally am not looking to dethrone the tyrannical powers that be. At least not politically speaking. If this happens in the world of ideas then so be it! The world of ideas invites criticism. This kind of free exchange is key. I rather enjoy the democratic society that I find myself in and it is my hope to continue to protect everyone’s right to think and believe differently from one another. I am also interested in creating harmony and friendship wherever it can be found.

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