So what are my intentions when I criticize my former Christian faith and other religious ideas? My honest desire is to be a refiner’s fire with regard to words and beliefs. I don’t want to take what is most precious to people and tear it apart as some kind of ego boost, or as a way of saying, “Ha, I’m right and you’re wrong!”

I really don’t have to be right, as in have such an attitude that will never accept correction or a different way of thinking. What I have to be is serious and this is a big burden that I lay on myself due to my lack of critical thinking in the past. I have to be serious and I have to come down hard on what things lead to knowledge. Knowledge that won’t crumble in the midst of scrutiny.

So I’m looking for that happy medium. I could be wrong but I desire to be right. Since I desire to be right and since I can’t help but thinking that I may be onto something in this evaluation about knowledge and belief I am hoping that my friends and readers feel ready and welcome to engage. There is value to putting everything we hold dear into the furnace of reason. There is value in being willing to change our minds!

I can happily say that there is a community of believers and skeptics of all stripes that are actively doing this. We view this as a valuable exercise. A tool if you will that serves to sharpen our thinking!

P.S. If you are a believer in a God or gods I am going to attempt to persuade you to think differently. To employ skepticism and intense scrutiny to your beliefs. The motivation behind this is not to quickly pressure you out of your religion for good, it is to press you to do what you should have been doing all along!

I recognize that I am speaking to a large spectrum of people so many believers in God are doing this already. Many believers do this and they happily maintain that belief in God can stand scrutiny. I have a profound respect for anyone that is striving to be honest in this regard. As a community of critical thinkers we all, I hope, are willing to change our minds and take the position that seems to best match reality.

I think it falls on the side of Atheism but your own application of skepticism may lead you to a different answer! Have fun, struggle a little bit and make your own decision my friends!

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