If I could sit down with a conservative Bible believing Christian, much like my former self, I would completely open up the dialogue with an open invitation. Go ahead friend, share with me the passion of your faith. Share with me the gospel and your concerns for my plight. I’m here, I’m listening and I’m not ignoring you.

I’m genuinely interested in this conversation! It is my hope that you and I both have a deep concern for what is true and false. What is healthy and unhealthy, and yes, what is both good and evil. Make your case, tell me why it is that you are certain about what you believe?

Once we get into this idea of certainty it is then that I ask you to extend the same kindness of listening closely to what I have to say as well. I have thought about these matters and it wasn’t met without its fair share of turmoil and struggle within my own life. I did not anticipate that my faith (certainty) would ultimately diminish.

I ask you my friend does your faith position match your own level of knowledge within this life? Are subjective experiences reliable or unreliable? How is it that you can know for yourself that it is Jesus working in your life and not someone or something else? For instance: What if you are unknowingly in the early stages of finding evidence for Allah? You are aware that some deeply committed Christians have actually reconsidered and moved into a deeper revelation of the truths of Islam, right?

What measuring stick can you offer to those who begin to deviate toward another religion? I say this because when people start moving toward another religion it is because they are discovering information that exists outside of your Bible. Outside of your worldview. Since this is the case what are you able to offer outside of a Biblical understanding? Is there some way that God is revealed outside of your tradition?

You must consider whether Biblical revelation is really all that compelling when it is not within your own faith context? Consider the factors that have brought you into faith. Family, friends, your local Pastor. Also, consider the fact that you are part of a larger community. You have admired the great minds within your own religious tradition but what about the great minds outside of it? What about the fact that countless other individuals outside of Christianity revel in their divine teachings!

Consider the intimacy, the peace and the joy! These things are not exclusive to Jesus alone. So ask yourself, really ask yourself how you can actually know that you are in a relationship with Jesus? Outside of a Biblical perspective we live in a scientific age in which miraculous phenomena has yet to be established. Consider the prima facie consistency and regularity of the natural world. Consider that there are many anomalies that are cited both inside and outside of your own religious framework.

Does this justify a resurrected Jesus? What is most probable in light of what can be known and understood today? Miracles are by definition the least probable events to consider historically speaking. Miracles are also the least understood. Why? Well, it would defy what is otherwise understood as normal and confirmatory within this world. They also lack evidentiary support when piecing together past events. Is such a story adequate to bring people into a position of knowledge? I’m distinguishing this from faith which is simply your own level of confidence or certainty. This confidence is purely subjective.

If you are anything like me you may end up finding that there is nothing to bridge the gap between faith and knowledge. Between the past and the present. If nothing is able to clearly confirm an invisible God that can raise the dead in the present then how can we know, how can we really be sure that it took place in the past? Is it wise of God to just allow a religion to remain unjustified when countless people are deeply concerned about what they can confirm as being true or false?

Lack of intervention and clear revelation within the present is what shields people from truly enjoying the knowledge of God. Without such courtesy we are blind. Any religion could be true on that basis! If you want to call it a basis?

Please consider what I am saying and I wish you all the best!

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