The title of this post is my attempt to spice things up a bit. Shaken not stirred thank you very much! Hypothetically, would I consider belief in God if I had a powerful vision? That’s a great question! Or, what if it was something akin to Moses and the burning bush?

Well, I think the first thing I’d want to politely ask this God that is allegedly speaking to me is, can we do this again sometime? I say this because regularity is important to anything that we want to establish as fact. So if God is showing up in a vision let’s continue the dialog at least so that I don’t have to second guess that weird thing that happened to me once!

Also, even if I were to return to belief in God I would never stop employing skepticism in my life. Skepticism is justified in the absence of evidence and regularity with pretty much any claim we can imagine. Some other things I would desire within this relationship is confirmation outside of my own personal experience.

I would again politely implore this God to show up for other people. So God, could you show up for a few complete strangers and tell them to meet me for coffee at such and such a place? Tell them what I look like, what I’ll be wearing and that we are about to have the most crazy conversation of our lives because you, God, are the unifying factor!

So if God could show up and relate with me and these other people regularly I think we’d be off to a great start. Also, I would want to know if this God intends to keep showing up in this way, or if this is only a special period of revelation? If so, I would implore God again to show me a sure fire way to validate His existence for rational minds everywhere. Please show me a clear principle that will work to unify the religions and put everyone on the same page.

Even if I personally were to receive visions on a regular basis from a God, I would not view the transmission of this message via word of mouth as being a reliable way to bring the world into a unified belief in the true God. I would implore this God for wisdom that could unify science and religion. Wisdom that would unify all areas of knowledge.

I would implore this God to have the compassion to just stick around. If humanity is going to ever have a unified picture of God then it will take the intervention of such a being on a regular basis across culture and the span of history to do so. As far as I can tell there are only two other views:

1) If there is a God He is clearly not concerned about unifying humanity through overcoming cultural and justified intellectual barriers. 2) There is probably not a God due to the sheer absence of regularity both across culture and throughout history. Silence speaks louder than words and when droves of human beings are solely responsible for the spread of religion then the end result is continued division and distrust.

The answer for belief in God is for this being to just simply be there. Be a regular guest at the party. Be all powerful and present everywhere! Really, just help us out a little bit objectively and we will be happy to oblige. Until then, doubt is justified by default.

2 thoughts on “Would I Believe If?

  1. The only “person” I’ve ever tried to have a relationship with who I wasn’t 100% sure existed is God. If you have to continually remind yourself someone exists, maybe they don’t.
    Great post.

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    1. So very true! It is the nature of faith belief in itself that becomes its own defeater. Rather than a help it becomes a hinderance. Ironically I just came across this dictionary definition for the word hinderance. hinderance Рsomething immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress

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