This post is a break from my usual mode. I’m entertaining some hypotheticals here, in other words I’m getting a bit Philosophical now. Come along for the ride if you’d like and feel free to comment with your own thoughts!

What if rocks could think? No really, stay with me here! What if rocks could literally think? Would we know it? I ask this because thinking, believing, and perception is all intricately connected to our sensory experiences and observations.

Human beings have sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Not only that but we are mobile. We get around using our legs and feet. We move stuff around and manipulate matter with our hands and other instruments that we’ve created. So how would we come to truth if we were self-aware and yet, just like a rock did not have any of these senses? A rock sits still most of the time unless it is influenced by the wind or the waves. The hot and the cold. Light and darkness. Being wet or dry.

If a rock were self-aware could it know what we know ever? Could it discern what we discern ever? If a rock were self-aware yet it was unable to communicate like we do, would it think with words? With images? Or would self-awareness itself become a completely different process? Could such a process even be formed without the sensory capacities that human beings and even other animals possess?

What are the limits of self-awareness and is it possible that there are entities within our universe that are self-aware and we will never know it?

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