How deeply intertwined are our beliefs to our present environments? How deeply influenced is religion by its culture and vice versa? How about what is acceptable and what is fearful? What is good and what is evil? What is dishonest and what is truthful?

Also, where does imprinting usually start the earliest and form the strongest between individuals? It starts within the family. Within a family and its community. I mean think about the factors that surround our beliefs!

Our beliefs have consequences because they are so often intertwined within families and communities that have formed a common bond. A common understanding of the world. To deviate and to challenge former ideas about the world is often met with disapproval, fear, and sometimes hostility.

To challenge our own beliefs and way of thinking is often considered a futile endeavor. For many it seems to accomplish nothing and it causes a lot of turmoil and upheaval in the process. What if human beings were less fearful of change? What if we could adopt a standard that appreciates the capacity of other people to look at the world and our universe differently?

Even in a democratic society there is still much reform to be done within our own lives. This reform stems from the recognition of diversity and being able to step into the shoes of other people.

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