I am about to make a very important appeal to my Christian friends and readers. This is not a message of hate, mockery, or disdain of any kind. In fact this is a message that intends to express the same measure of love and concern that many have for me and my own plight as a human being.

The core concern of many Christians is that the gospel is power. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is said to transform one’s mind and life via the love and mercy of God. It is said that this is perfect justice as well as perfect love. It was necessary for the Christ to suffer so as to blot out our sins and present us to God as a pure and holy people.

The biggest draw for many is that the person of Jesus appears to be like no one that ever came before or after him! In particular his interactions with people and their personal struggles is something that seems to tip off or work as a catalyst to form true and undying faith.

Why should anyone or anything get in the way of that? I mean, this is deeply personal. This is for many the most loving, true, and noble message ever given. I identify with this attitude because it was once my very own. The gospel once made sense to me on an intellectual level and emotionally I had been moved immensely by gaining a picture and literacy of the New Testament unlike I had ever known.

Now, it is at this point that I want to posit a challenge. Is it a dishonest endeavor to question oneself beyond a New Testament understanding of the world? Is it a worthless notion to take a step back and truly evaluate what can be known in this regard? I can assure you that it is for some. However, there is a price in this regard because for those who do espouse an undying loyalty to their doctrine it is even clear to many other more educated Christians that such people are in error.

These folks are in error because they are propagating an untenable position. Such people are claiming to speak on behalf of Jesus and God without even considering that their interpretation of certain passages could be fallacious and not based from knowledge. One of the most arrogant statements I’ve heard said from some Pastors is, “I could be wrong, but I know I’m right.” Such an attitude is an abject demonstration of a lack of concern for the truth. A lack of concern for knowledge!

This is where the rubber hits the road my friends because if one is not able to speak from knowledge personally about a matter, what does this say about their integrity? What does this say about possessing the capacity to change one’s mind based upon the facts? The gospel in reverse is this: Are we willing to follow the facts wherever they clearly lead? Are we willing to suspend judgement as a direct consequence of the personal knowledge that we actually possess in the present? Is it still a joyous thing to treasure the truth in the absence of expectation? Our expectations can run terribly low or terribly high. Are we happy with what is true? Can life still go on if the overwhelming implication is that there is probably no God? Take time to think it through. Take time to be satisfied and content with what is known in the world today. Thank you, and I wish you supremely well no matter what!

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