I commend any community of human beings that seek to alleviate suffering in the world. A sense of brotherhood and sisterhood is a rather powerful thing! So I understand that religion is used in this way. I understand that within the fabric of many of these communities rather different people have been unified and motivated toward many expressions of compassion and goodness.

What I also understand is that Jesus is simply not the only motivator for such goodness. There are many flags that we can raise for the sake of compassion but just realize that there exists no superior motivator for doing so. Motivation is often driven by observing other humans that are modeling these acts of kindness.

Sure, maybe we can cite certain Biblical passages and religious sources for getting the ball rolling within some movements, but we have also found evidence for much harm and destruction within neighboring chapters and books. So what do we make of this? How do we reconcile this?

Glossing over injustice and cruelty so as to get to the good stuff is something that just doesn’t sit so well with me anymore. Fight for the good my friends, wherever it is found.

In the near future I plan to explore the benefits of a secular approach in regards to compassion and alleviating suffering. This should be fun!

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