Ever heard the phrase, “life itself is a miracle?” I’ve heard it a lot! In fact, I used to say it on a regular basis. Many who are respected in Christian Philosophy define a miracle like this: It is an event in which natural causes cannot produce at that time and place, a naturally impossible event that is considered beyond the productive capacity of nature.

Intriguing to think about isn’t it? Are there events that occur within this world that require an unknown source from what is understood naturally? I honestly don’t know. What this really becomes is a discussion about plausibility. So where should miraculous phenomena be ranked in this regard?

I tend to approach it like this. From the get go we are being asked to consider the plausibility or truthfulness of a claim that is by definition the least understood kind of occurrence imaginable. By definition this is considered a fantastic oddity, an anomaly within the world! Something that in all other contexts apart from a supernatural understanding should be rejected outright!

So, what do human beings truly know in this regard? Not a heck of a lot to speak of my friends. Even those who participate in faith healing practices have some pretty big hurdles to overcome when granting the possibility of miraculous phenomena. These folks are unable to:

1) Verify an actual source

2) Discern between rare natural occurrences and what is called a miracle

3) Bridge the gap between their faith (personal confidence about what is unseen) and what is actually known

4) Even if miracles do occur one is not able to confirm or negate which sources are either good or evil, true or false. In example: Christianity teaches that Satan is behind much of the miraculous phenomena that occurs outside of orthodox teaching and belief. Why is such a claim justified if one is not able to confirm the source within their own tradition as well as within all others? These become arguments made from ignorance and not from knowledge.

Stay tuned! I have more to add to my cumulative case for why miraculous phenomena has a very very low plausibility, if any at all? Also, even if such claims do turn out to be true in certain contexts it still may not qualify as evidence for a supernatural realm. If enough evidence is gathered and verified we may end up discovering a very unique ability that stems from our own anatomy. Human beings may have certain capacities, apart from any supernatural understanding that we didn’t even know we had! I think it would be kind of cool, but I’m not getting my hopes up in that regard.

Random song quote: “If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?”

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