Intriguing title isn’t it? Well, it all of course depends on what kind of baggage one attaches to the term Atheist? It has been a label of controversy in certain parts of the world, no doubt! If you are thinking about certain corrupt governments from the past that you suspect were primarily motivated by a lack of religion to commit untold atrocities then I can understand why you are a bit hung up on the issue.

Perhaps the most important question to ask in that regard is: Is it possible for a lack of belief in God to get shoehorned into the wrong regime sometimes? I’d consider it just as likely in the case of religion as well. That is the kind of religion that usually advocates nonviolence. I hope this helps?

It’s a messy world nonetheless but I’ll tell you why I personally don’t mind the Atheist label. At the end of the day it is simply a way of identifying how I think and process information. I don’t claim to know definitively that there is no God, this would then put me into a spectrum in which I’m just being honest about how my lack of knowledge in this regard has rather appropriately led me to doubt and reject many aspects of God belief in the present.

It all depends on how we choose to categorize insufficient knowledge and information at the end of the day. Also, if certain views of God appear problematic logically, maybe it is best to not play the mystery card any longer, know what I mean? Regardless of what kind of label any of us choose for ourselves in the present, I would simply encourage all of my friends and readers to put an appropriate premium on knowledge.

Knowledge is power, and with great power comes great responsibility! Happy truth hunting!

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