In my last few posts I took a rather different approach to the prospect of a historical resurrection. I actually granted the possibility of the bodily resurrection of Jesus and qualified my argument by saying, “I do not claim knowledge in this realm.”

This is fair, and to take it another step further, I think granting the possibility is as fair as anyone can ever get considering what is actually known in the present. Now, here is what granting a resurrection miracle does not do.

It does not mean that a human being named Jesus was speaking from knowledge of the true God, if such a God exists? Why? Well, considering that other religions also claim extraordinary miracles as evidence for their view it ought to bring the Christian to at least level his or her playing field in this regard. Perhaps a resurrection did occur and the credit could be given to another source? Perhaps the source isn’t even a God at all!

Consider the Eastern view of the power of Chi. Perhaps Jesus lacked knowledge about the actual source of his power and interpreted it in light of his own religious tradition? Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament. Again, I do not claim any knowledge in this regard but my ultimate point is that in the absence of any kind of verification concerning the source of resurrecting power the possibilities are seemingly quite vast in a worldview that grants miraculous phenomena.

A resurrection miracle also does not demonstrate that Jesus was honest in every respect. Perhaps a follow through with an extraordinary miracle would be perfect reason to sway the world away from the true religion? It would seem that the possibilities are still quite vast without any confirmation of the source either back then or now.

So it is that the most important point within my argument is the question of knowledge. Does even a resurrection establish confirmatory knowledge about the source of such a claim? It appears that even when one grants such a fantastic miracle we are still found wanting both in the past and in the present. This is due explicitly to the nature of this claim. In a sense it isn’t boring enough. It isn’t consistent enough to demonstrate the presence of God in the world.

A wise God that intends to establish his praise in all the earth would most likely be getting the credit from everyone right now, if in fact this was the desire of this being! Why create hiccups in human awareness and knowledge? These things inadvertently create unnecessary hurdles when trying to discern between fact and fiction.

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