Imagine yourself waking up in complete darkness! No longer familiar with your surroundings it seems as if you’ve been transported to a very spacious room that has a slight echo when you speak. Suddenly out of the silence you hear a voice. Initially startled you haven’t discerned much of what has been said but then you distinctly hear your name. This voice immediately calls your attention and says, “I am the true God and I am here to lead you into the truth.”

As this voice begins to elaborate on the story of our origins a second voice abruptly chimes in, this voice is different from the first and conveys a different presence altogether. As the first voice drowns into the background this second voice also claims to be the true God. It says to you, “I am the one who made the sun, the moon, and every star as far as the eye can see!” Just as you wonder about what happened to the first voice a third one overpowers the second voice, and then a fourth, and then a fifth.

In just a few minutes time you find yourself blinded and overwhelmed in a room filled with innumerable voices all beckoning for your explicit attention and devotion. All are claiming to be the voice of your God, in some cases a few of these voices have teamed up and offered themselves as a set. A plurality of divine authorities.

All of these voices claim to be the way, the path to ultimate truth and fulfillment so which set of one or many Gods do you choose? Nothing else has tipped you off in this regard. The darkness is like a blindfold. So who is telling you the truth?

In an almost paralleled sense this scenario that I have depicted is very much like our existence in the present. Lack of objectivity on a mass scale is what illustrates the darkness. What these religions do is they claim authority over our lives without providing a present bridge into our knowledge of the world. There appears to be no justifying principle by which we can effectively narrow in on the God question.

So I’ll end with a simple challenge. Is it more effective to speak from faith or from knowledge? There seems to be a very distinct difference friends!


2 thoughts on “Darkness Speaks Volumes!

  1. Nice illustration.

    I think for many it’s a single voice from birth until adulthood, with that voice coming from the people following the religion of the place you live. You slowly hear inklings of other voices, but easily dismiss them, not because the voice you’ve heard the most is so compelling, but because the other voices are easily seen to be false religions. The experience of so many deconverts is that when one uses the same skepticism on the original voice, it is seen to be false for many of the same reasons.

    Those who rely on faith seem to like to point out that knowledge is always incomplete, but that is an example of the same phenomenon: tearing down an alternative based on real weaknesses, and then concluding the a priori conclusion is true without using the same level of skepticism.

    Knowledge is incomplete, but even incomplete knowledge is more reliable than faith. Rather than insert God into the gaps in incomplete knowledge, I find “I don’t know” to be much more reasonable. At first, inserting God there might seem comforting, but it leads to despair because no God is there.

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