I love precision! When it comes to detail I find it exhilarating to highlight specific things both in what I draw and write. I do this through repetition and observation. I don’t care how long it takes, the wording has to be just right! The shading and the lines have to be just so. When all is said and done it is meant to leave a lasting impression.

So what are you deeply aware of in this life my friends? I want to feel what you feel, I want to know what you know. When it comes to human experience I cast my net very wide. Curiosity may have killed the cat but I’d like to think I can calculate my risks just a little better. I think that a rather large piece of the knowledge puzzle is our own awareness of what is either reliable or unreliable, known or unknown.

Knowledge that is reliable is able to be duplicated easily. When we think of knowledge in that light is there really such a thing as knowledge that cannot be called upon in this way? Pretty much every world religion would like to think so. However, we must ask ourselves, “why is this the case?” Is it not in large part because many differing groups of human beings have staked their claim on a special kind of knowledge? So it is that we must choose, but this choice in and of itself is not one that stems from our own knowledge in the present. Instead we must stretch toward the past.

It’s a little bit like playing the game of twister and there comes that ever so dreadful moment when one’s legs and arms are twisted and stretched to the max. We must collapse and regain composure because we just cannot defy gravity. Sure my right leg may have stretched over my friends shoulders for about a minute, but something had to give! In the same way, many of us skeptics view the concept of faith in this way. It does not stem from knowledge and therefore will collapse if we keep insisting that such a notion is valid.

This stretch of faith can also breed confusion about what and who we are truly aware of in this life. When one converts to a new faith or deeply commits to the one they were raised in it is naturally accompanied by prayer. Prayer is considered sacred. It is associated very much with intimacy and a kind of subtle awareness of the voice of one’s God or gods. These quiet moments, though quite therapeutic and beneficial perhaps as a kind of emotional release are also said to be connected to the knowledge of God.

I’m going to be bold here and say that at least in my own life I spent about ten years cultivating these kind of moments throughout the day. I was personally most allured by the idea that I was speaking to my God, that God was listening, that He was quietly guiding me. Oh this sweet voice is ever so subtle. A whisper, no, not even that. It’s that ever so slight sense of guidance and wisdom that transcends me! It has to. It cannot simply be because I am in love with these ideas. That surely cannot be the case in my life. I’m certain that some of my prayers were answered. It couldn’t have just been coincidence right? It couldn’t have just been events unfolding as they inevitably would had I prayed or not prayed, right?

Decide for yourselves my friends!

19 thoughts on “Knowledge & Awareness

  1. What you practice is also religion based on this definition: a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe.

    You are religious. Your god is knowledge and precision and intelligence. And you practice faith, too.

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    1. I must contend that there is a distinct difference between religion and agnostic atheism. Religion makes a clear assertion that God is the source. Atheism does just the opposite. It is a lack of knowledge as well as a lack of belief. We do not make any such claim. We simply choose to suspend judgment based upon the evidence. Based upon what is known. We then doubt the existence of God from multiple fronts because there are many logical contradictions that are not able to be squared away with what is known in the present. For instance: The idea of God being an uncaused cause is very problematic. Especially since there are many precise definitions of the nature of God and things within this nature that are said not to change. Christianity believes that God is a trinity. Well, if God has always existed we are being asked to believe that such a being has always had this design within his nature. Design without a cause. We are also being asked to believe that an immense amount of power, in fact, all power that resides in a God has no source. No beginning. It would seem that to start with God is far more complicated and far more unaccounted for. At the end of the day we can only understand this an assumption that provides no bridge of confirmation in the present. There is nothing to verify this assertion and therefore God can be defined in thousands of different ways. There is nothing to rest these assumptions on except past authoritative claims. Many of which contradict one another terribly. It’s a sad reality but it’s true.

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      1. Your idea of how the universe came to be is also unexplainable based on everything you just said about God. Whether you admit it or not you believe things that can’t be explained.


      2. There’s a difference. I don’t believe in or put my trust in things that cannot be explained or verified in the present. I have knowledge about things that we cannot explain fully in the present. In the areas of uncertainty I choose to suspend judgment until further knowledge can be gained in that field. In other words I do not commit to believing in what has not yet been verified. I should say I strive to live this out to the best of my ability as a human being. Humility factors in as well. Again, the distinction that I make here is that religion makes an assertion of knowledge. It says, “God created all things.” A lack of religion says, “We do not presently know the source.” Rejection of belief enters in when people present a specific God or gods to be considered. This is because many of these depictions of God are problematic such as I pointed out with the idea of God being an uncaused causer of the universe that derived all power from nothing. Other such problems occur when trying to pinpoint where God is said to derive his own morality if morality is said to be objective within that view. God is also said to be an Immaterial Being, so far as human beings can know, it cannot be known whether such a dimension even exists. The list goes on.

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      3. You did a pretty good job of defining it. The things I can’t explain, or science can’t prove, because I have limited knowledge and understanding. faith fills in the gaps. The difference between you and me is that I don’t mind that. You want to know everything. I know I can’t know everything.


      4. Since this gap exists, then how would you rate your level of certainty as to whether a God exists? 1 being least certain and 10 being as certain as you could possibly be! Where do you rate yourself on this scale? We are talking about knowledge now. What do you know in this regard?

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      5. I am convinced with all of mind and heart and soul that God exists, that He sent his son Jesus Christ to us. Jesus lived and died and rose again. But I not only believe, I follow. You see, even the demons believe, and they shudder. I’ve chosen to follow Jesus. He is my leader and forgiver. My knowledge is not just head knowledge like you want it to be. It’s a heart and soul and mind knowledge. But that knowledge is not acceptable to you and it doesn’t have to be.

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      6. Well, I’m curious as to whether you yourself as a believer would want to label what you have just described as unrefutable knowledge of a God? I sense a very deep affection and commitment on your part but she this be labeled as knowledge or simply belief? In other words, is there any difference in your own mind between a deep conviction and having certainty? Certainty relates to facts that all people can acknowledge, would you agree?

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  2. Since you have followed my blog, you obviously know I am a person of faith. That will not change. I am not interested in engaging in any debate, as that above. I do, however, want to commend your thoughtful approach to explaining your journey and your position. Your point of view is extremely clear and well-communicated. Also, if that is your drawing above, it is most exquisite. I am simply here to thank you for your follow and wish you well on your journey. I respect your adventure and pray (because I am who I am) that your path leads you to ultimate truth. Peace 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m not interested in debating everyone I meet either. 🙂 Though part of my present journey is an unraveling from my previous faith position. Feel free to pop in and read the things you find interesting. Have a great day!

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      1. We are all works in progress with our own personal journeys toward truth and fulfillment. I certainly wish you the best on yours and look forward to exploring your ongoing growth. You have a great day too!

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