How does this kind of statement sound to you? “Based on existing facts, I do not personally know such and such a thing within the world, but I believe some people did.” In pretty much any case it wouldn’t seem to make a very compelling argument, would it? As a former Evangelical Christian I must say, this led me to the end of faith. The statement that I have just illustrated is evolving into the modern response of Christians all throughout the world!

“Based on the present facts, I do not personally know that a God exists, but history and my Bible talks about many who did!” Is anyone else recognizing a clear knowledge crisis here? Well, perhaps this knowledge gap will become more relevant when we do a comparison. The picture of New Testament Christianity is one in which God is in fact a form of knowledge for every believer. The Apostle Paul wields a strong warning against unbelief, why? Well, he seems damn certain that those who do not believe the gospel are suppressing the truth in their unrighteousness!

In a Biblical sense this is true regardless of whether anyone has actually been taught about Christianity, why? Well, again this inspired man of God took it upon himself to elaborate that, “since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20). Does anyone else spot a fallacy in the phrases, “invisible qualities,” and “clearly seen?” Most people simply interpret it in this way: As we look at the world and all of creation, God’s power is undeniable and therefore human beings are without excuse.

This argument may have worked in the first century, but how are things going in that department today? Well, a lot has advanced and been found out since that time. So much so that if we want to be literal and consistent about what we actually know in this world, there doesn’t appear to be any immaterial beings popping into our dimension. In fact, based upon what science has uncovered, we cannot know whether there is a supernatural dimension in the present. This kind of realm is simply unconfirmed.

The next question becomes, “which God or set of gods are you going to argue for here?” Your Bible doesn’t possess the only set of divine claims to work with! Allah wants to rule your life, and so does Yahweh minus a Jesus. Why be biased in this department? Why show favoritism? In each case, thousands of years are separating present humanity from these alleged supernatural events. Divine events that are said to still be binding today upon potential converts! Not to sound too mean-spirited but, “thank you Jesus for clearing these things up!”

The bottom line for me is that I’m not personally angry at a God that I possess no true knowledge and awareness of. Insufficient knowledge and awareness has planted a rather useful doubt into my existence. I bring up these things because I care about many people who perhaps have not thought these issues out as a believer. I honestly don’t care if you choose to continue believing in God, okay I care a little, but it is still your life! It’s up to every one of us on an individual level to decide what we think and believe based upon the evidence! Based upon our knowledge in this life.

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