The title of this blog post is relating directly to the tension I must acknowledge every day. I have openly distanced myself from religion. It’s not a secret that I’m quite an outspoken person in this regard. I was outspoken as a Christian and I am outspoken as an Atheist. Some of you have to be wondering, why? Why all the trouble? I’m not trying to cause trouble for the sake of trouble by the way.

I choose to be outspoken about these things because part of being a truth seeker is the desire to be challenged by other good thinkers. I do this not to demean and attack people on a personal level. I strive to be very careful and delicate in this regard, so if I have ever offended anyone personally with the things I’ve said and shared, private message me and I’ll apologize.

I am also trying to gently combat a silent stigma that exists between those who believe and those who don’t. Rather than assuming that I have become apathetic in my search for the truth, that I’ve been led away by sin, that I just want to bash religion as a kind of vengeance toward my past, let me just share what I really think and how I truly feel.

It is true that I get quite critical sometimes, but I try to be critical about things that are understandably difficult to talk about within and outside of religion. I think it is better for people just to know what I think and where I stand on many of these matters. To be silently indifferent is to avoid talking and reasoning about these things.

So am I trying to make everyone into an Atheist just because faith didn’t work out for me? My actual attitude in this regard is that I just want people to have well thought out positions concerning what they either believe or don’t believe. If you think I’ve made some good points and I end up helping you in your own ultimate position, great! If not, that’s fine too. I just want to live in a world that thinks and cares about these issues in a far more compelling way!

So, if you’ve been reading my posts and enjoying the conversation, thank you! I really appreciate your support no matter what position you personally take. Feel free to create your own WordPress blog and get into the conversation. If you like my posts, I’ll like yours! Haha, see what I did there? Take care!

3 thoughts on “Acknowledging The Tension

  1. “I choose to be outspoken about these things because part of being a truth seeker is the desire to be challenged by other good thinkers.” I agree wholeheartedly. Many Christians feel they are under attack when their beliefs are questioned, but honestly, one of the biggest reasons I enjoy the discussion is to present my own beliefs for criticism.

    The only place I would disagree with you is in the part about people who have been offended. I try not to be deliberately offensive, but realistically, that is going to happen. More often than not (assuming you are tactful in your approach) the fact that someone is offended says more about the stability of his or her beliefs than it does about what I have said. I don’t think it’s always necessary to apologize.


    1. Thanks for your input Jon, yes, and feel free to read through my posts and give me a bit of a litmus test. I think you’ll notice that I’m usually quite careful but careful can also include critical. I try not not to resort to demeaning language or name calling. I’m overall pretty sensitive so sometimes I have a tendency to over analyze myself.

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  2. As I already feel a need to clarify I do not in fact resort to demeaning language and name-calling at all. As if I did before? Not sure why I phrased it like that. I think the folks that I have most likely offended are those who are not used to reading content that is critical or see’s the Bible in more of a negative light. I come from a previously rather conservative religious background. There, I think I’ve clarified myself now! Lol


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