Lack of Logical Congruity  (No bridge for fairness and therefore absurdity stands)

Another such incongruity that exists within the Christian conception of God is displayed in the doctrine of eternal conscious torment. In other words, human beings are consigned to an eternal hell. The Bible itself sets out to describe the limitedness of the human condition. Humans are said to be finite creatures and therefore the scope of our actions is not able to touch or reach beyond the world we find ourselves in right now.

Here is my argument:

  1. Human beings have definite or definable limits. We are finite beings.
  2. God is defined as being unending or eternal in his very nature. Therefore, unlimited existence.
  3. Eternal torment is not congruent to our present state of affairs. This would appear to exploit our limited condition mercilessly.

Human Beings


Limited in knowledge, ability and scope

Confined by geography/region as well as by what and who we are consciously aware of

Limited access to all information that could be gained and confirmed

Varying religions are a strong external evidence that human beings do not possess internal knowledge and awareness toward one specific God or set of beliefs

All knowledge, all ability and scope

Unconfined and aware of all things

Unlimited access to all information & has the ability to make it plain (undisputable)

Objectively appears to not manifest undisputedly across all cultures and time periods. Contributing to mass variety and confusion

Eternal Conscious Torment

This should in the very least demonstrate a clear inability to connect with what we actually know about the human condition. Absurdity builds from here. Just take time to imagine how this would appear to be fair and just in any sense of what those concepts illustrate? If this does not match what we can objectively gather within the world then this God and this set of beliefs need not be accountable to anything that we can illustrate in this life. This is in fact what this doctrine claims at the end of the day. It claims no need to be brought down to earth for any kind of questioning or critique from what is actually known in the present.

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