Knowledge, however little of it can be gained, should not incite distrust and division. Distrust and division appear when there is a lack of relevant facts to go around. It sends humanity scrambling into many different corners. Ladies and gents take your posts, our region of the world interprets things in this way. After all, we all have families, cultures, and long standing traditions at stake here!

So what kind of things unite humanity? What kind of things dispel myth and promote an honest quest for the truth? I think part of the answer may be found when we as human beings are willing to lay everything out on the table. All of our most precious ideas and ways of coping are up for reassessment based on what we either know or do not know.

Knowledge unites the world, and no I am not referring to a one world order. I am referring to the mutual respect that forms when vastly different people don’t try to have a leg up on the other. Though in order for people to realize that they do not have a leg up is to have a strategy in place to level many people out in the pursuit of knowledge and truth. This is why I advocate a state of mind that carefully utilizes reason and doubt wherever it is justified.

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