1) Absolute certainty is untenable. This is realistic and I have therefore critiqued my own language in my third post. I now advocate undisputed certainty. The kind of certainty that is established across the spectrum of human religion and knowledge. So it is that the kind of certainty I am advocating is whatever can be considered the bridge between certainty and uncertainty. Notice how generous and fair this language becomes in relation to the question of God’s existence.

Any kind of objector to my argument is not justified to label my position as radical skepticism. Also, it must be remembered that I am not arguing from a position of certainty. This is specifically what I lack. Anyone that agrees that one cannot be one-half or three-fourths certain about a matter must honestly admit, as I have done, that they are uncertain.

If you agree that uncertainty is the result of our human predicament. That it is in fact directly related to the knowledge that humans lack, then you are justified to doubt. Justifiable doubt works like this. It is a kind of intellectual openness to other valid options besides Theism. Theism remains unjustified due to its inability to bridge the gap between certainty and uncertainty.

2) I am certain that God exists due to an inward witness of the Holy Spirit. This correlates very much to how Calvinism seeks to function. If one claims this then they are in fact contradicting their previous claim of not being completely certain. If one cannot be completely certain then it must relate to their admission that objectivity trumps subjectivity every single time. Since objectivity does trump subjectivity then there must be room for doubt as to whether an unseen Holy Spirit is in fact functioning within one’s subjective experience.

3) God purposely has not established this kind of knowledge in the world. We just need to believe! You must understand then that this lack of relevant knowledge in the world is directly correlated to the vast amount of confusion on how to define God within religion as well as why Agnosticism and Atheism is growing everywhere. Doubt, as well as openness to other perspectives is justified when there is nothing to bridge the gap into certainty.

4) This argument is not conclusive proof that there is no God. I agree, and that was not the purpose of this specific argument. The purpose of this specific argument is that due to the human knowledge problem paired with the untenability of using faith to justify one’s position, then logically one is justified in their uncertainty, which can also be understood as justifiable doubt.

After considering my arguments another question to leave you with is this: What is a more reliable and consistent pursuit, faith or reason? Do you now agree that there is a difference? I advocate reason not because I want to outsmart my friends in intellectual arguments. I advocate reason because it is the most careful, open, and brutally honest pursuit when trying to discern what is either fact or fiction. Starting one’s pursuit without fear of where the truth will ultimately lead is noble and it undoubtedly has consequences. Reason, much like many religions will appear to divide many people. On the other hand, to look at this another way, reason is the resolve to acknowledge the truth wherever, and I mean wherever it is found. This is why endeavors like science, mathematics, logic, and philosophy have established the kind of renown and respect that they have today. These forms of knowledge work and they work like a smooth running engine! Knowledge unites humanity.

Knowledge unites and so does uncertainty. These two items are best friends. It is because this is how we can logically weed out reliable claims from unreliable ones. It gives each side a fighting chance and when lines of verification are no where to be found, especially when looking at the issue from multiple angles, then uncertainty and openness to other perspectives is justified. Please, please consider the value of uncertainty which can also be understood as justifiable doubt.

Stay tuned as I have more carefully thought out positions to come.

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