Atheism is obviously not a religion. It is a lack of belief in any God or gods. So where does my drive for virtue and morality come from now? This is a good challenge for myself because it is an important piece of the puzzle for humanity to be transformed and to model high standards for goodness. I plan to work through my own foundation for morality and ethics in my future posts.

I get the appeal of Christianity. Sacrificial life giving love. It is yet another thing to know whether this is reality. Perhaps we as humans can create the most appealing and loving religion and it is still factually wrong. It is still not reflective of reality.

Allow me to commend this idea of giving a life up for one’s friends. See, the problem arises when we realize that the Bible teaches that it is God that requires the human sacrifice. It is God that thirsts for this blood to be spilled, for this atonement to occur. Why? Why deface a human being? Why require a ransom payment? This God could just forgive apart from laying a carcass before his feet, hypothetically speaking of course!

The side of a story where a friend is willing to die for a cause is understandable. Especially if this individual is said to have modeled a very virtuous life. So, a scenario where an actual loving God becomes human and loves his creation to the point of death, a kind of willingness to come and make a connection and die trying would seem commendable.

This is not where the buck stops with Christianity. No, it goes on. It goes on to say that God requires a demonstration. God requires an innocent to be put to death. God specifically wants blood to be spilled. It doesn’t matter if it is supposedly himself. It is the necessity of such a demonstration that reveals something about one’s nature and character does it not?

It reveals that apart from such a demonstration this God is just barely holding back from obliterating his own creation! It presents a rather large problem concerning the wisdom of this being as well as how justice is applied. The wisdom of this God was said to allow sin to overtake his creation. There is no getting around this!

This God is said to have created the circumstances that led to human beings that commit the type of atrocities that we see today. So where should the blame really rest? If one is truly going to argue for the existence of a God, where does evil truly stem from? It would stem from incompetence, would it not?

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