The immateriality of the Christian God appears to be a rather necessary piece of the puzzle for those who ascribe to belief. This stems from various passages in the Bible that allude to the invisibility of God. Within Theistic arguments it is a necessary presupposition that lays the bedrock for the necessity of God’s very existence and presence in this universe.

I must contend that based on the Biblical evidence alone the immateriality of this God can function only as an assumption at best. This is one out of many possibilities actually. Another such possibility is that this God is in fact a material being that is simply unable to be detected in any verifiable way.

My challenge to my Theist friends is this, is it important to have any lines of verification in this regard? As an Atheist I must strongly insist that it is! This directly correlates to the religious competition in my mind. We have various formulations of Theism and Polytheism that make similar assertions about the immaterial nature of their God or gods.

How does one prove or disprove the immateriality of one religion’s God from another? The obvious answer is that this is beyond the means from which humans can operate. Since this is the case then it is in the court of an an immaterial God or gods to throw out some lines of verification. If this consistently does not occur among all (or at least one) of the religions then we have a very relevant knowledge crisis on our hands.

This means that in the absence of indisputable intervention from a God or gods, human beings are incapable of discerning whether such entities actually exist. The argument I’m making is rather obvious in the case of the God’s of Greek Mythology, but for whatever reason it does not seem to translate well otherwise.

Is it important to know that a God exists objectively speaking? You bet your boots it is! A being that is otherwise all-powerful yet undetected by the vast majority of human beings is just plain unloving and neglectful. This notion that human beings would still reject such a God is rather ignorant indeed.

The fact of the matter is that we can actually postulate better worlds in which salvation would be more successful and acknowledged universally. We need more consistent methods for verification and falsification. The truth is that important!

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