Conservative religions, in a roundabout way, validate their own worst fears. Any time one has a built in authority structure that makes certain human behaviors into black and white, good and evil, then yes, it’s going to give birth to some pretty big phobias to overcome! One such phobia that is still quite alive and well is directed at same sex attraction and marriage equality for all.

What happened in America today is truly historic. A victory for many, and a plague for others. Our culture has collectively chosen to overcome a phobia that has existed for thousands of years. A majority of ancient religions deemed homosexuality as unnatural and a mark of moral depravity. The kind of stigma that has been created from our past is still looming in many homes throughout this country.

The radical ones are going to get more fired up! There is an amazing shift going on throughout the world. It is a collective shift toward recognizing that love truly does come in many different packages. Many who do not identify with or recognize this phenomenon are going to dig their heels in even more. It will create even more of a mountain for the next generation to climb down from once they reach adulthood and must think on their own two feet.

In essence, this is a really big world! It becomes a less scary place when we can turn the volume down and learn from one another. Humanity itself is evolving. Not only biologically but morally as well. Much of what is fueling this change today is influenced by what science has either affirmed or negated. We would do well to continue learning through both self and group evaluation. Correctly distinguishing variety of expression from behaviors that are actually harmful is vital to our progress as well.

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