1) Claims of exclusivity that compete for superiority create unneeded division and strife.

2) Morality based from rigid ancient commands falls short from benefiting a larger group of people. This is often related to an inability to recognize the vast diversity of human experience.

3) Miracles are by definition the most unlikely scenarios to ever consider. Those who propound that miracles occur often scoff at competing religious sources that want their moment in the sun. This reveals a very real bias at play.

4) In the absence of objectivity religion often relies heavily on philosophical underpinnings that only exist within the imagination. For instance: The teaching that God is immaterial and without a detectable substance or nature. This is a monumental assumption that brings no value to considering whether the existence of God is factual.

5) Religion in itself is dependent upon humans alone that embody particular beliefs. It appears to have no other lines of confirmation that exist beyond a reasonable doubt.

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