1.) People of faith are not gullible. There are exceptions to this rule among religious and secular thinkers alike. My honest take is that there is often very little that divides the skepticism of honest truth seekers on either side of the God debate. This is both a criteria issue as well as a question of where we are most comfortable starting out with the question of origins.

2) People of faith are not unwilling to change their minds. Again there are always exceptions to every rule but I am honoring my intelligent friends and family in this regard. Many people of faith undergo a very rigorous and carefully thought out transition from the theology of their youth to what they hold to in the present.

3) People of faith are usually not without a strong community of like minded friends. It is this kind of community that quite often has done well to lead efforts of compassion and aid to those in need. The secular community would do well to further emulate the positives that are reaped within a well rooted support structure of dedicated and loving people.

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