Out From The Flames!

One has to wonder at a depiction of justice that punishes human beings eternally for finite actions? One has to ponder how love and compassion could ever be attributed to one who acts as the sole arbiter of an eternal furnace? This is no solution to the perceived problem of evil and in fact inflates human suffering to a proportion that we can’t even comprehend with meaningful justification.

To Hell With Convention!

So here I am, I’m 26 years old and if there is one thing I’ve learned about myself it is that I hate convention! This is not to be confused with responsibility and desiring to be more disciplined in life, but in light of having only one life to live I’m realizing just how precious time really is.

Not to sound too self absorbed here, but I want to do what I want to do! It’s been kind of a rough start for me. I started experiencing very dark depression at a young age. It hasn’t been easy to navigate. Despite all of that I know I have many talents that should be refined and used primarily to inspire others. For example I love to sing and write songs, I’ve been growing more as a writer of poetry as well as a communicator of deep ideas. I love to draw things in detail and it always came very naturally to me.

In other words I’m a creative and philosophical kind of person rolled into one. The things I gather from thoughtful introspection are meant to be expressed to an audience. No matter how large or small. This is how I strive to leave a legacy. I want to be remembered as a person that passionately thinks with all of my senses. Expression is huge for me! I must express how I feel, how I think. It kills me not to!

I don’t desire to control minds for my own selfish gain, rather I desire to be an arbiter of pure truth and reason. I want others to feel the beauty that I feel in the world, taste the darkness I’ve seen, as well as love knowledge and hate lies along with me. I think I may have to grit my teeth and take on more college debt. Teaching, writing, and inspiring others is who I feel most geared to be. My first attempt to do all of this was driven by my former religion. Then life itself brought me to completely reevaluate everything.

Now that I’ve done this, faith has no role in painting truth and beauty with the things I say. Such a concept is hollow and really has no application for me whatsoever. This world and the universe is my playground and it is what I glean within this paradigm that I would like to motivate and inspire the next generation.