I have another important question for my Theist friends. It is simple but very relevant indeed. My question is this: If you are a Christian that defines faith as something that you have received from God, how do you know that this is in fact the case? In fact, how do you know that the kind of trust that you have in the existence of God is any different than the nature of belief that exists within other religions? How is this differentiated? Should it be? Thank you for your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Sexy Questions! (What To Ask A Theist) #2

  1. Not to get all Socratic on you, but I’m going to answer your question with another question: Are you a liberal or a conservative? What makes you think that your viewpoint is superior to those from the other side of the spectrum? Why do you think your reasons for aligning with one over the other are not compelling to those who disagree?

    I think this is the same kind of question, and it illustrates the nature of human decisions and perceptions. Personally, I’m pretty conservative, but I respect reasonable people who consider themselves liberal — we just have different values, we see things differently. Does that make me question the validity of my conservatism? Maybe to a degree, but ultimately I’m satisfied with my reasoning and have no problem maintaining my viewpoint even if other people disagree. I am accountable for my own actions, which are born from my conclusions based on the evidences that I have seen in the world; if others see it differently, I’m interested to know why, but ultimately I’m going with my own experience.

    It’s the same for religion. I believe I have good reasons for keeping the faith I have — but if others don’t find those reasons compelling, that doesn’t make me question my own reasoning, at least not to a debilitating degree. I don’t have to get inside the head of absolutely everybody who believes something different in order to believe that I have arrived at a reasonable conclusion in my own faith.

    Hope that answers your question! It’s admittedly a little roundabout.


    1. My reasons are perhaps not as compelling to some who disagree because what I am offering is a different paradigm for reality that does not include a salvation story. I am simply offering the world and all of the best mechanisms for getting at what is either certain or uncertain in this life. To clarify I also want to express humility and acknowledge that I may not yet have acquired all of the best mechanisms for human knowledge and inquiry but this is at the core of my pursuit. I desire the truth, however much of it can be gathered and made plain in this life.


  2. Thanks again for your thoughts! If I may offer a critique it is my observation that the things we find most certain within our reasoning are the things that life will often compell us to think differently about. I think you know this and likely accept this. I am highlighting this because it occurs within religion and outside of religion. A compelling reality that would seem to bring me toward minimizing the likelihood that Christianity is true is because upon applying deep analysis and scrutiny to the Bible, it appears to be a set of beliefs that rises and falls with the civilizations that pick up its torch. This is a human driven message with a limited scope. There is nothing inherently different about its transmission or its ability to transform or improve the human condition.


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