I had a bit of an annoying morning at work. I’m presently a waiter at a local restaurant and I worked the overnight last night. This middle aged guy walks in and orders coffee right away.

I’ve always been a patient guy so I can deal with persnickety meal orders and people who talk a mile a minute, much like this fellow did. What became clear from the start however is that this dude had an agenda.

He found out rather quickly from me that I’m a former Theology student that chose not to finish my degree because unbelief found its cozy new home in my life. Funny how Bible study and unbelief make such a good pair, don’t you think?

Anyhow, what soon became rather insulting was this fellow telling me that someone who truly once believed cannot be “unborn” as he put it. He suddenly assumed the role of a preacher telling me it like it is. All the while throwing the f-word around like a five year old with a new toy.

He even thinks that God speaks to him and tells him just when to place his bets when he’s living it up in Vegas. Truly a piece of work this guy revealed himself to be with every word spoken.

I simply remained calm and collected, I even managed to ask him one very simple yet profound question. “Sir, how do you know the difference between the voice of God and say your own inner voice?” He simply shrugged it off by repeating the question as if he’s been asked a thousand times and we unbelieving folks should just know better.

Right before he left he made another appeal for me to reconsider faith in Christ. After all, he apparently went through a phase like I’m in too. He just wanted to sin and live it up for a bit, then Jesus brought him to his knees once again.

It is people like this who are not even the least bit interested in seeing religious experiences in a different light. I don’t negate that human beings get excited about unsubstantiated ideas. I’ll even grant that his turning to religion in his teens probably helped get him away from the pot and the heavy drinking.

There are many different ways to get away from a rough past, I just presently understand unlike this fellow that religion isn’t the only or even most effective way to deal with the past. Transformation begins by reassessing our own past behaviors and finding new strategies for change. Having a community of like minded people makes it all the more effective.

This guy then had the audacity to tell me that God just told him that he doesn’t have to worry about me. I’ll be coming back to the fold at a later time. I quietly told him, “I don’t think so.”

The only thing that really made that conversation worth my time was the ten dollar tip that he left me. I’ll take his money, but he can keep his religion to himself!

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