I have a lot of Christian facebook friends and lately I’ve been observing some of their public discussions on Theology. One phrase that is often used in discussions about the issue of foreknowledge and god’s purposes is this idea of god’s perfect will being done in the world. As if there is hands down no question from this perspective about the fact that this is somehow being accomplished.

The tricky thing however is that they admittedly don’t know exactly how this is occurring in any objective sense. What they have is one collection of ancient writings that carry on the tradition of one formulation of god in the world. It gets a little more dicey when we realize that the three largest expressions of Monotheism all come from the Old Testament.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have one very important thing in common. Each of these religions has a built in doctrine of inspiration and authority. One must accept without contest that one of these religions holds the most holy and pure expression of god’s will. To deviate from this would be heresy and a sure ticket to eternal punishment in some way, shape, or form.

A simple question for my Theist friends is this: When are you going to acknowledge that none of these built in authority structures have any leg up on the other? If each of these religions requires the same virtue of faith to get into the club then when are you going to admit that faith isn’t enough? Faith will never be enough to establish the truth about anything.

It is simply a mechanism for church growth. It’s a carrot waived before your face so as to gain access to an allegedly eternal award. Please friends, wake up and start drilling your religion with relentless critical thinking! Don’t be afraid to cross the threshold. It is by doing so that we can best learn and grow.

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