1.) You want to be your own god (self worship).

On the contrary most of us just want to be humans, it’s what we do best. If self worship is taken as selfishness, well, we’re all selfish to a point. We like being very caring and self sacrificial as well. Especially toward anyone that has earned our love and respect. Again, we’re just humans!

2.) You worship the devil.

Atheist’s don’t believe in a devil. To claim that we worship the devil by default is very insulting and stops the conversation on the spot. If you are claiming the existence of such a being then you have the burden of proof to demonstrate his/her existence. The same is true for a god.

3.) You steal your morality from (insert name of religion).

Atheist’s don’t have a complete consensus about this issue and we don’t have to. We simply reject the existence of god(s). The last time we checked morality is a human endeavor and our goal in this process is to discern between good and bad, pain and pleasure, health and sickness, etc… We also assess the natural consequences of our actions and want to promote the highest good. At least that’s what any rational mind seeks to do.

4.) Atheist’s hate god(s).

Why would we hate something that we don’t believe even exists?

5.) Atheist’s just want to sin (commit crimes) without answering for their actions.

That’s a lie. There are idiots that represent pretty much every perspective on the planet, don’t make yourself one by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

6.) Atheist’s are responsible for more evil than all religions combined.

The rejection of the existence of a god or gods is completely separate from the moral actions of an individual. Though there have been dictatorships that endorsed some forms of Atheism in the past, the factors that led these individuals to kill off people in droves were related directly to their own immoral behaviors and prejudices against certain minority groups. These are examples of human irrationality. Human irrationality arises among religious and nonreligious people alike. It is a distinctly human characteristic that needs to remain in check through education, compassion, and accountability.

7.) Atheist’s are dishonest.

Again, that’s just below the belt. Should we call believers dishonest for not ascribing to religions other than their own?

8.) Atheist’s want to destroy all religions.

Not true. Most of us just want to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible.

9.) You don’t care about people.

Really? Be rational here! Many of us are among the top educators and scientists in the world. Let’s make the world a better place together, shall we?

10.) Atheist’s are going to hell.

If you can demonstrate that such a place even exists, we will gladly avoid it. There are many religions with many hells. If you are a conservative evangelical Christian then you are at odds with conservative Muslims that also believe in a literal hell. Isn’t it interesting how those who hold a majority religious view aren’t really sweating over all of the other hell claims? Pascal’s wager could apply to any religion. That is if you think it is even relevant to create such a dilemma?

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