My main motivation in writing this and other relating posts is to exploit the pitfalls of the modern Christian Charismatic Movement in America. America is just the tip of the iceberg, however. There’s no doubt in my mind that a good amount of disillusioned people are being churned out by the thousands every year! The blame goes to no one other than the individuals that are propagating a hyper view of supernatural claims.

I happen to reject all supernatural claims at this point but that chain of logic was introduced a couple of years after I had abandoned a Charismatic perspective. Another way in which I personally was negatively influenced was by my pastors and teachers creating in me a sense of false expectation. I was told about all of these amazing stories where these men had heard a voice from god, or saw light from heaven fill the room! Pretty strange stuff, I know.

There was one particular moment when I had approached my pastor in a struggle to figure out whether or not I had the gift of tongues. For those of you who don’t know, the gift of tongues is described by Charismatic Christians as being a kind of heavenly language that god speaks through you via the instrument of his holy spirit. This is a completely subjective practice that basically encourages you to speak gibberish and put a stamp of divine approval on it.

So how did my pastor help me out? We went into a separate room where I could practice my gift and he could judge it. Pretty humorous don’t you think? I literally could have made up anything on the spot. As long as I displayed proper humility and sincerity, I was in the club, so to speak! So that’s what I did. We both closed our eyes and sought the Almighty for a divine utterance. I knew to the core of my own ability to discern my situation that nothing divine had taken place at all.

I knew this, and yet I was then told and encouraged to think otherwise. I was encouraged ever so slightly to ignore my own capacity to reason. Since my pastor knew best at that moment I went on for a while thinking I actually did receive a divine gift from the creator of the universe. I was just being too hard on myself, I had to humble myself and go with the flow.

My friends, don’t go with the flow. Question everything fiercely for the sake of acquiring actual truth in this life. Certain authority structures within religion and elsewhere want your mind. The main motivator is ignorance and sometimes even fear. There are movements all throughout the world that spit in the face of reason and rationality. They do this because it is the only way to remain unaccountable to a consensus view of knowledge. They would rather love a delusion.

2 thoughts on “Pastor, You Were Wrong Again!

  1. “Question everything fiercely for the sake of acquiring actual truth in this life.” I don’t think this works in practice. Should I question whether Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon? Should I question if the U.S. government caused the 9/11/2001 attacks? At some point, I need to trust those in authority. I can’t question everything that I am told; instead, I have to use all my faculties to discern among what I am told, questioning some and being skeptical of others.

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    1. Actually the questions you just posed are certainly curious ones to ponder. Questioning authority is especially wise when there is a lack of consensus about how to apply such authority. This is definitely true among Christianity and every religion that spans our planet. People disagree on virtually every point of doctrine and the bible itself seems to fuel the fire because of how vague (even contradictory) passages remain about free-will and determinism, heaven and hell, good and evil, works and righteousness, etc… So where as I would agree with you to a point about not needing to question certain things that are well established and accounted for by a large consensus of people I no longer believe that Christianity and religion in general is in this category. Thanks for your interest in my blog posts!


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