I have something rather interesting to confess. There was a prophecy spoken over me when I was young and naïve enough to believe it. This is now one of my biggest qualms about Charismatic Christianity in America.

It appears a little silly from the outside looking in but when one’s mind is overtaken by a hyper view of the supernatural, the effects can be pretty devastating. It would be a little bit under the belt for me to say that ten years of my life was wasted, but it was certainly misguided!

I can recite to my audience every word of this alleged message given to me by the creator of the universe. In reality it was just a mix of biblical ideas spouted off by my assistant pastor at the time. It went like this:

“Many will come and listen, this is my anointed child. Many will come to hear my words through him, also many will come to destroy. But heed my warning, touch not my anointed one!”

Friends, if there is anything that you shouldn’t do to a teenager it is this. This kind of ultra inflated view that I had of my future responsibilities literally wrecked me! Any doubt that I had in regards to being called to be a pastor became akin to blasphemy against god.

I’m sorry to say it but this set me up for a way harder fall than I would have had to take from my former religion. Is it unkind of me to call this out as nothing other than brainwashing at its best? I don’t think so, and the fact is that I am not alone. There are many more disillusioned people to come out of this movement.

What concerns me the most here is the lack of concern that these pastors and teachers have about what they say and how they are affecting young minds. As one grows and matures into adulthood there shouldn’t be any false expectations. I don’t care whether you’re a believer or not at that point, what matters the most is that our young people are well informed. Life direction should not be taken on faith, it should be well evaluated by the facts and confirmation from other intelligent and caring mentors.

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